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For your convenience, we offer our samples in white cosmo rounds with a black disc cap or black sprayer. Bulk ordering is easy - just visit our packaging options page to select the perfect option for your needs.

Witch Hazel Skin & Scalp Mist | Aloe Vera | Pro Vitamin B-5

  • ME Hair Care's captivating Witch Hazel Mist, infused with the rejuvenating power of aloe vera juice. This remarkable formula effortlessly cleanses, softens, refreshes, and nourishes the scalp and dry skin areas. With its versatile application, you can experience the sensational benefits at any moment throughout the day. Indulge in the revitalizing sensation as your skin is renewed, softened, and invigorated, thanks to the enriching Pro Vitamin B-5. Transform your hair care routine and unlock the extraordinary potential of ME Hair Care's Witch Hazel Mist. Samples are available! 

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