Detail Information on Private Labeling

Private Labeling is being your own boss and having your own business, adding extra revenue streams to your life. By buying our products and selling them with your brand name on them. Most important of all is profit and having the freedom of being in control of your time and how much money you want to make. You can sell your brand online, salons etc. and earn money while you’re sleeping. As you proceed to private label our products you are bypassing our brand name which is ME Hair Care. It will be your responsibility to promote the product(s) once you purchased and added your label with logo. The beauty of purchasing private label is you get a premium product bottle up and paying only for the product cost which saves you money and time, just add your label and you’re ready to advertise then sell to the masses.


Every product we offer private labeling will be in volume, pails, barrels and cases with unlabeled bottles for resale purchased through wholesale. We offer shipping through the website for cases of unlabeled bottles. There is a two week lead time for processing orders. For multiple pails and barrels we will have to freight quote you for pickup and delivery.


ME Hair Care has many hair care products to choose from as well as many sizes available. These are the exact same products we currently sale with our brand name on each bottle. We offer base products with no fragrance just add your desired fragrance to the batch, it’s just that easy, we took care all the other additives for you. ME Hair Care offer products already fragrance if you’re that person who just want to add your label. We have a package for every budget to get started. We even custom design product(s) for your haircare needs. If you are needing advice with labeling and designing your brand we can help. Just mention it and we will be happy to give you knowledge and direction to create a premium label that stands out from the rest.


There are no refunds for purchased products or trades for the reason of not successfully advertising or marketing your private label products. ME Hair Care only refund product defects done on our behalf.

Please be advise upon receiving your private label products, check inventory to make sure everything is accounted for and no defects. If so, please contact us immediately to resolve the matter at

Layaway Plan

Our layaway plan is very simple: We give you a 4 month payment period to pay off your debt and if not paid off by those 4 months, then the money that you paid along that period is not refundable. If something happens within that payment period where it's not paid off, we'll give you an extra 30 day grace period. can't Email us which products you're interested In along with any size and your contact information. When submitting your contact information please include your full name, shipping address and phone number.

To receive ingredients list, please email us which products you're interested In which come with sampled product when purchased