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Introducing Citrullus Lanatus, also known as the watermelon plant. This incredible flowering vine originated in the beautiful land of South Africa. But that's not all! Did you know that watermelon extract is packed with Vitamin C and amino acids? It's true! And that's not even the best part. This extract also contains glycerin, making it the perfect addition to your skincare and hair care routine. Say goodbye to dull skin and lackluster hair and say hello to the refreshing power of watermelon extract. Your skin and hair will thank you!

Watermelon extract is a powerful way to improve your skin and hair. Look no further this amazing super fruit! Packed with potassium, Vitamins A, C, and B, amino acids, and the incredible antioxidant lycopene, watermelon is an absolute must-have. Not only does lycopene give watermelon its vibrant red color, but it also works wonders in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Don't miss out on the amazing benefits of watermelon for your skin and hair. 

Watermelon Extract

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