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Silk Amino Acids are a natural water-soluble glycoprotein extracted from raw silk. They are known for their high levels of serine, which have excellent moisture preservation characteristics. When it comes to your hair, Silk Protein offers amazing benefits. It has excellent moisture binding properties, repairs damaged areas, and gives your hair a soft and supple feel. The non-animal protein source of Silk Protein makes it substantive to both skin and hair, providing a protective barrier. With Silk Protein, your hair will have the most incredible glide and silkiness, revitalizing it for a shiny and healthy look. If you want to experience the wonders of Silk Protein for yourself, we encourage you to do so, great addition to your haircare or skincare  products! Give your hair and skin the care it deserve. 

Silk Amino Acids

  • Silk amino acids promote cell repair and regeneration, helping you achieve healthier and more rejuvenated skin. Specially formulated to reduce transdermal water loss, maintaining optimal hydration levels for your skin. Additionally, silk amino acids boost collagen levels, leading to firmer skin and anti-aging benefits. But what's so amazing is silk aminos gentle exfoliation, which works wonders in revealing brighter and smoother skin. Also provide protection against sun damage, keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays. If you're looking to transform your skincare routine and achieve radiant, youthful-looking skin, try ME Hair Care Silk Amino Acids. Experience the difference for yourself. 

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