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For your convenience, we offer our samples in white cosmo rounds with a black disc cap or black sprayer. Bulk ordering is easy - just visit our packaging options page to select the perfect option for your needs.

Rustic Guys Moist Shave Jelly

  • Experience the ultimate shaving solution that not only conditions your skin but also provides a soothing and nourishing experience. Infused with the power of Vitamin E, our shaving jelly offers unbeatable slip on the skin for an incredibly smooth shave. But that's not all! We've taken it a step further by incorporating plant-based stem cells to prevent those pesky razor burns, allowing you to achieve the closest shave possible. And it doesn't stop there. Our unique formula is also infused with thyme and summer lilac to effectively soothe any nicks or cuts from shaving with a razor. Say goodbye to irritation and hello to luxuriously smooth skin with our carefully crafted Moist Shaving Jelly. Sample it today and see the difference for yourself!

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