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For your convenience, we offer our samples in white cosmo rounds with a black disc cap or black sprayer. Bulk ordering is easy - just visit our packaging options page to select the perfect option for your needs.

Rustic Guys Dandruff Dry Itchy Scalp Shampoo

  • Rustic Guys Plant Base Dry Itchy Scalp Shampoo. Made with organic and natural ingredients. Removes dry itchy flakes. Moisturize hydrate and cleanse the scalp and hair well controlling unwanted scalp problems. clears up symptoms and prevent flare-ups due to Seborrheic (seb-o-REE-ik) dermatitis conditions. This condition mainly affects the scalp. It causes scaly patches, inflamed skin and stubborn dandruff. This condition can be irritating but will not cause permanent hair loss. Seborrheic dermatitis signs and symptoms may include. Flaking skin on your scalp, hair, beard or mustache. Samples are available! 

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