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We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and effective alternative to traditional deodorants. Our products are made with ingredients you can trust, and we never include aluminum, phthalates, or talc in any of our formulas. Our natural deodorant is specifically designed to let you sweat, your body's natural cooling mechanism, while effectively stopping odor by preventing bacteria growth on your skin. Not only is it skin-friendly, preventing irritation, rashes, and inflammation, but it also keeps your skin pores open and prevents yellowish cloth stains. Our deodorant is free from synthetic fragrances, ensuring a clean and safe experience. Embrace your natural self with ME Skin Care natural deodorant.

Natural Deodorant Stick

  • Fun fact, did you know that the first deodorant was invented by a woman named Edna Murphey? She created a paste made from baking soda and cornstarch to prevent body odor. Edna Murphey developed and patented the first modern commercial deodorant in 1888. Mum, strive to make a positive impact in the industry. Through her dedication and creativity she changed the industry! 

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