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For your convenience, we offer our samples in white cosmo rounds with a black disc cap or black sprayer. Bulk ordering is easy - just visit our packaging options page to select the perfect option for your needs.

Cool Breeze Shampoo

  • A refreshing and calming way to take care of your scalp and hair, this shampoo is the perfect solution. Our unique blend of peppermint and other natural ingredients provide a cool, breezy sensation that relieves itchy, dry scalp while leaving your hair feeling soft and refreshed. The benefits of Cool Breeze Peppermint shampoo don't stop there; it's also specifically designed to help with scalp health and hair growth. With regular use, you'll notice an improvement in your scalp's overall health and a softer, more lustrous hair. So why wait? Try Cool Breeze Peppermint shampoo today and start experiencing the cool, calming benefits for yourself. With regular use, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes in your scalp and hair health. Samples available! 

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