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Avaron will ensure your label and design logo incorporates colors, graphics, and typography that fit every aspect of your brand. Bringing all the elements together in an attractive label design will make the eventual job of selling your product a lot easier. Ensure your product flies of the shelves with a stunning label design that speaks to your brand, entices customers, and says everything about the quality of your product before it's even opened.

Our Design Process

  • Fill out our custom label form

  • You will be contacted within 1-2 business days

  • A design representative will consult with you over the design layout

  • Customer will receive up to 2-3 design options within 1-2 business days

  • Once a design is selected, up to 2 minor modification are allowed

  • If more than 1 product, the design will be applied to the remaining products

  • Once approved, labels will be sent to print and shipped within 3-4 business days



How many design options do I get?

We design up to 2-3 designs for you to choose from. If you see a design you like but also like some of the elements in the other options, we can combine the color and or elements into one design.

What happens after I purchase a custom label design?

After you’ve made your purchase, we send you a form to fill out. One this form you will be able to enter your custom product name, descriptions and even application method.


Can I tell you how I want it designed?

In the form, there will be a section where you can submit your concept/ideas for your design such as color scheme, background objects/shapes, or upload a design that inspires you.multiple times to get it right. After you get exactly how your want it, the label will become permanently adhere in a few hours.



Printing Label Material Specs

  • Brilliant Color

  • Glossy

  • UV-Resistant

  • Water Proof

  • Oil proof

  • Thickness 4 mil.

  • Permanent adhesive


Do I apply own labels or do you guys?

Labels can be applied to your containers Starting @ $.85 per container through ME Haircare.


Are they hard to apply myself?

When trying something new everything takes a little practice. Our label are very forgiving, just apply very lightly in the beginning and  if you misalign the labels you will be able to reapply multiple times to get it right. After you get exactly how your want it, the label will become permanently adhere in a few hours.

Are the labels waterproof/oil proof?
Yes they are and our labels have permanent adhesive as well. They will hold up great in the shower!

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